Captain Mathematica

Easy game for Android cell phones and tablets.
Fun and easy way to practice math and arithmetics! Suitable for children and adults as well.

Captain Mathematica App for cell phones and tablets

Dowload for FREE on Google play:

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(App size only 4,1 MB)

  • Learn to calculate faster!
  • Practice your math skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in a funny and easy way.
  • For children from 6 years and above, who like math or want to improve their math skills in order to be better in the school classes.
  • For adults who want to be a walking calculator.
  • Support for studying math.
  • Get the highest score as possible and watch how is the score of yours getting better day by day!

  • The game is FREE, no additional in app purchases required.
  • The game is safe for all ages. No access to sensitive folders or location required.

How to play

  • Choose level

      Playing the intermediate level you get four times as much points, playing the difficult level even nine times more points than easy level!

  • Check what you want to practice. Addiction, subtraction, multiplication or division.
Choose level
Choose addiction, subtraction, multiplication, division
  • Write the answer into the empty field and press the button Confirm

      Hurry Up! The faster you answer, the more points you get!

  • Watch out! For every wrong answer you lose one life (hearts at the top-right corner).

Calculation and filling the right answer
Losing lifes
  • Did you ran out of lifes? No worries! Click the button Extra life and after watching video add you are back in the game.

       Get higher score!

  • That's it. Try to be even better Captain Mathematica next time!

      Switch level or try only multiplication and division.

Add extra life
End of a game